March 14, 2011

Radiation and Iodine

Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan that resulted in the blast of a nuclear reactor, we have been receiving a lot of questions about radiation exposure. While the actual threat of radiation exposure in the United States from this disaster is not yet known, the threat of exposure on the east coast is probably very small. Nonetheless, there are supplements that can decrease the body's chance of developing radiation sickness in the case of an exposure. The first and foremost is Potassium iodide, which specifically protects the thyroid. It works by flooding the thyroid with non-radioactive iodine and thereby preventing the uptake of the radioactive molecules, which are subsequently excreted in the urine. Potassium iodide is most effective when taken immediately to 3-4 hours after an exposure. 

For general thyroid support, Dr Ross recommends the use of "Iodoral" at 12.5 mg, 3 days a week and then eating iodide rich foods such as sea vegetables (kelp, wakame, nori, etc)  on the other days. If you are unable to get these foods in your diet, try supplementing with our "Sea Vegetable Blend". Pregnant women and people with known allergies to iodine containing products or hyperthyroidism should avoid Iodoral. Only take as directed by your doctor.

In the case of a significant radiation threat, the FDA has standard recommendations which can be found on their website:


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