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Crossroads Apothecary is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-potency health- related products to support your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and enhance your overall well-being.
The product categories that are available include nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and skin care products. We have established relationships with manufacturers who adhere to the highest production standards. Special attention is paid to identifying manufacturers who submit their product lines to post-production testing in order to ensure the purity and the potency of the products that we make available for our patients and clients. In addition, we make every effort to choose products that are highly bio-available (the ability of a drug or other substance to be absorbed and used by the body). It is not worth taking an inexpensive product that your body cannot absorb and/or utilize.
The use of these products should be incorporated into a comprehensive and integrated health program under the direct supervision of a health care practitioner.
When a practitioner recommends a product, it is done with a specific therapeutic intent. It is important when shopping for a similar alternative that may be less expensive, to make sure you are not compromising on purity, potency or bio-availability.
As a convenient and cost-effective service to our customers, we offer the Crossroads Apothecary Supplement Access Program. Designed to help reduce your expense for the supplements prescribed by your health care practitioner, this unique plan allows you to continue to buy your high quality nutritional supplements at the manufacturer's advertised wholesale cost. For additional information, please contact the Crossroads Apothecary staff at 410-992-4747 or click here  

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