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Electromagnetic Energy is essential to all life and optimal health. PEMF’s are magnetic fields that promote motion of ions and electrolytes, stimulating cellular actions. These magnetic fields are dynamic and penetrate our bodies to support normal cell and organ function. PEMF cellular exercise has been shown to improve the ability of cells to generate energy and may help to prevent cell injury, which decreases our risk for illness and disease. Improved vitality means greater organ reserve, flexibility and resilience for the individual


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Energy is essential to life. The cells in the body require adequate capacitance of electric charge to function. The cells ability to produce energy is a manifestation of health at the cellular level. We can achieve optimal health and vitality when energy production is efficient. A decline in electric charge results in cellular dysfunction and possible experience of illness. The most prominent symptoms of a compromise in the efficiency of cellular energy production include fatigue, discomfort and pain.

Measureable imbalances in the electric field of an organ and the organism precedes the onset of disease and associated symptoms. Correction of the imbalanced electric field prevents the manifestation of disease.

“Chronic disease and loss of well-being is always defined by low electrical charge. With enough voltage and raw materials, the body can heal almost anything”, (Jerry Tennant, MD: ‘Healing is Voltage”).

Dr. Jerry Tennant states: “The cells in the body are designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts. To heal we must achieve -50 millivolts.” “We experience chronic illness when voltage drops below -20 millivolts”.

PEMF cellular exercise supports health in the following ways:

o   Helps to restore and optimize healthy cellular metabolism.

o   Decreases viability of pathologic microorganisms in a person without harming the host or the beneficial/symbiotic organisms.

o   Improves lymphatic flow and drainage from inflamed and congested tissue.

o   Facilitates structural reorganization of cell-membrane lipids resulting in better cell membrane integrity and function.

I was introduced to PEMF therapy 5 years ago while treating a patient with severe lumbar spinal stenosis who declined surgery. She was unable to clean her home or prepare meals because standing for more than 10 minutes produced severe pain. I saw her in the office 4 months later and she was pain free and back to normal function due to using PEMF regularly. She felt this resulted in improvement in pain and disability.                                                                          

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PEMF has demonstrated benefit in soft tissue wound healing. It has been shown to be effective in people who have severe fractures where there is a failure to heal. The FDA has approved certain PEMF devices for stimulating bone growth.

The PEMF home devices that I have found to be effective can be costly to the patient. I have finally found a device that has produced health benefits in as few as 2 sessions per week. I now see PEMF as an important cellular exercise to support chronic disease management and healthy aging.

Electromagnetic field frequency is measured in cycles per second called Hertz (Hz). Frequency refers to how frequently per second a magnetic field cycles. Most PEMF systems use low frequencies and long wavelengths ranging from 1 Hz to 10, 000 Hz although few systems produce frequencies higher than this. We have simple ways of measuring the energetic health of our cells. Phase Angle is one measurement of our body’s overall health. High Phase Angle is associated with optimal health. Low Phase Angle is associated with cell dysfunction. Capacitance is a measure of cell membrane integrity.  This is a dynamic measurement that can reflect our overall health, impending illness or the degree of ongoing illness. We can obtain some of these measures with a Bio-impedance device, which we have in our facility.  This is an objective way to measure progress when using PEMF.                                             

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The use of the Bio-Impedance measurements can be helpful in determining an ideal frequency and intensity of PEMF sessions. We also use self-reporting scales such as the Piper Fatigue Inventory, WOMAC scale and Short Form-37 to help clients monitor progress.

Both the body and earth produce various range of frequencies necessary for daily function. Organ systems, cell types and pathologies communicate by creating and responding to frequencies. Using a range of frequencies when treating the body is optimal and more likely to produce greater benefit.

Please remember that PEMF therapies are not used for diagnosis nor do they have specific indications (FDA approval) for disease treatment. PEMF therapies improve health through optimizing cellular and tissue vitality. This enables our own healing potential to prevail.

PEMF therapies are not delivered in isolation. They are part of our Integrative Medicine Program. This includes nutritional/ herbal counseling, exercise/physical therapies, and energetic/self-regulation therapies. An integrated program delivered over time creates health transformation and vitality.