It’s a Sunday morning, and I had the luxury of sleeping in.  Within minutes of arising and moving about, I began to experience hunger. This was an unpleasant biting hunger that was associated with a sense of anxiety/danger. I noticed that it lasted for less than 5 minutes and then drifted into the background of my awareness.

 I realized that this is the type of hunger an infant experiences as it becomes agitated and very vocal in expressing its desire to be attended to; in this case, fed.  Once this sharp hunger experience diminished, I went about my activities. This included walking my dog.

 I was now in a prolonged state of calorie deprivation, (more than 12 hours). I felt comfortable, clear and strong. The world outside appeared more dimensional and colorful despite the cloudy day.

 Hunger is a vehicle for health and healing. Going through the door of sharp/unpleasant hunger leads to a therapeutic state that has benefits to our general health and sharpens our perceptions in our everyday life.