In the past two weeks, we have learned that excess visceral fat over time, can lead to chronic disease and a higher propensity for developing Dementia. We have also learned that lowering cortisol by methods of stress management can help to support a better weight loss outcome. Targeting "stubborn fat" and "visceral fat" can be a lifelong challenge.

Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a cellular exercise that stimulates microcirculation. This allows blood to flow to different areas, promoting the "melting" or burning of fat.

PEMF amplifies the microcirculation process via regular sessions of two to three per week for a six to twelve-week period. Committing to regular PEMF cellular exercise results in:
-Dilation of blood vessels allowing an increase of oxygen and nitric oxide to all cells and organs
-Stimulation of red cell separation and increased cellular capacitance
-A decrease in cellular water viscosity during this circulatory process
-Improvement of electroporation by opening the cellular lipid channels, emulsifying fatty acids which in turn can be burned as energy.

One can achieve increased cellular capacitance through regular PEMF sessions and measure results using a Phase Angle test offered in our clinic.  Higher cellular capacitance via PEMF cellular exercise can aid weight loss by:
-Stimulating blood circulation
-Increasing metabolism, improving thyroid function
-Promoting detox and bowel regularity
-Supporting lymphatic system drainage
-Improving sleep and energy levels
-Reducing stress allowing a parasympathetic state
-Promoting healing and regeneration
This lifelong challenge of "melting fat" is one that involves a combined effort to include diet and exercise. Ultimately the best program for achieving a healthier lifestyle is the one you can stick to long term. Partnering with your health care provider for support is your first step.

Call us today for a free PEMF session and learn how you can "Melt Your Fat Away."